Guitar Repairs

At Hurley Guitars we perform a wide range of guitar repairs as well as maintenance and modification for your guitar. We have listed the more common repair and modification services below. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should provide a good idea of the types of jobs we usually undertake. If a particular repair or modification isn’t listed please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Electric / Acoustic / Bass – £15 + Strings

Classical – £20 + Strings

Floyd / Floating Trem – £25 + Strings


With a re-string you get a shiny new set of strings installed properly onto your guitar, but we also clean, oil (if appropriate) and lubricate the all contact points so that your guitar stays in tune better. How often you re-string you guitar depends on the player, some players tarnish the strings very quickly and others not so quickly. For the average person strings should be changed very 6 weeks, less if you tarnish them quickly, longer if you don’t. We don’t recommend leaving strings on the guitar for more than 12 weeks if you want them sounding out well.


Set Up

Fixed Bridge (Tele, Les Paul) – £45 + Strings

Standard Tremolo (Strat) – £55 + Strings

Floating Tremolo (Floyd Rose) – £65 + Strings

Acoustic – £55 + Strings

Bass – £45 + Strings

12 String – £85 + Strings


In a set up we properly align the strings in relation to the fretboard. During a set up we adjust the relief in the neck, height of strings at the nut, the action, the radius of the strings as well as the saddles for proper intonation. A set up can greatly improve the playability and feel of the guitar. A set up should be carried out on every guitar at least once while in the current owner’s possession. For professionals this is usually carried out annually. Its a good idea to have a new guitar set up once it has settled into it’s new home as a change in environment will often lead to movement in the instrument, resulting in a change in string height. It is also advisable to have your guitar set up when changing the gauge of strings you use.


Fret Dress – £125 + Strings


When frets become worn they may need to be dressed in order to bring them back to good playing condition. Over time wear causes grooves in the frets and and movement in the fingerboard can mean frets come out of alignment. Worn frets can cause intonation problems, affect playability and cause the strings to buzz. Fret dressing involves stoning the frets to level them re-crowning them and finally polishing them.



Unbound – £220 + Strings

Bound – £250 + Strings

Maple (re-laquer) – £330 + Strings


When frets have become incredibly worn through years of playing it can mean that dressing the frets is no longer an option. In this case the old frets need to be removed, the fretboard sanded level and smooth and new frets installed. The frets are then stoned so that they are properly aligned before they are re-crowned and polished.


Headstock Repair

Crack Reglue – £50 + Strings

Splint – £150 + Strings

Reconstruct – £250 + Strings


Headstock’s are one of the weakest areas of the guitar and are prone to breakage if the guitar is knocked over or dropped. If the break is clean then the headstock can be re-glued into position. If the two portions of the headstock do not fit back together then some wood needs to be removed in order to get the two pieces to fit. Often the headstock requires splinting in order to reinforce the headstock. Headstock breaks can usually be seen once repaired. Although we try to keep repaired areas from being too noticeable re-finishing is not included as part of a headstock repair.


Nut Or Saddle – £60 + Strings


Often replacing the nut and/or saddle on your instrument can greatly improve the playability and tone of your guitar. This needs to be performed when a nut or saddle has become worn and the strings sit too close to the frets. Guitars fitted with plastic nuts and saddles can be upgraded by replacing them with bone nuts and saddles. All nuts and saddles are cut and shaped by the luthier to ensure proper fit, we do not use pre-cut parts.


Hardware Installation

Tuners – £30 + Part + Strings

Tune-o-matic Bridge – £45 + Part + Strings

Tremolo – £65 + Part + Strings



Pickup Installation – Single – £45, Pair – £75, Set of Three – £105 + Pickups + Strings

Jack Mounted To Body – £25 + Part

Pot Mounted To Body – £35 + Part

Switch Mounted To Body – £35 + Part

Loaded Pickguard Add Restring (£15 + Strings)

Acoustic Pickup – £45 + Pickup + Strings



Acoustic – £35 + Strings

Electric – £50 + Strings


If your electric guitar has crackly pots or switches, it’s a good idea to have your guitar serviced before replacing any parts. All guitars should be serviced regualrly to keep them in good condition and prolong the life of you guitar. During a service we clean and polish your guitar. This includes degreasing and applying lemon oil to the fingerboard, polishing the frets, cleaning and polishing the neck and body and for electric guitars cleaning and lubricating control pots, switches and jack socket. The guitar is then re-strung.


Crack Repair – From £50


Occasionally the guitars soundboard, back and ribs will crack. Sometimes this is caused from accidental damage but can also be due to changes in humidity causing the wood to shrink. For cracking due to accidental damage we would cleat and/or splint the crack. In cases where the guitar has been left in a very dry environment causing the wood to shrink and crack, it is possible to re-humidify the wood, this will cause the crack to close up. Depending on whether the guitar requires re-humidification and to what degree the crack closes we can either cleat the crack or cleat and splint the crack.


Re-humidification – From £35


If the guitar has been left in too dry an environment the wood can loose moisture, causing doming of the soundboard and back to become flat or even convex. Along with the deformation of the soundbox, this can significantly reduce the string height and cause buzzing. It is possible to re-humidify a guitar and bring the wood back to a domed shape.


Brace Repair and Replacement From: Repair £45, Replacement £80 + Strings


Occasionally braces and struts come loose from the guitars soundboard and back. Loose, broken and missing braces and struts means that the strength of the bracing structure has been reduced, so it is important that these are repaired and replaced if the guitar is to properly support the load imparted on it by the tensioned strings. Loose braces/struts can also cause the instrument to buzz. In the case of loose braces we can re-glue them into position. If braces/struts are broken or missing they will usually require removal and a new brace to be cut to fit in its place. This new brace will then be glued into the position of the old brace or strut.


There are a great many other repairs and modifications that we can offer. If you have any queries or if a particular service you are looking for isn’t listed please get in touch to discuss your requirements.